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What is in a fragrance?

You might be asking what a clean fragrance is and why are passionate about using them in our products, so let’s dive in…

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Clean fragrances

When we were first married, we tried burning candles from a gift basket we’d received…except every time we’d light them, I would end up with a migraine and they would set off my husband’s allergies. At first, we thought it was the soot being put off when the candle was burning that was causing it.  A family member gave me a wax warmer and melts from a well-known company and I was excited to use them. My home could smell awesome without the headache caused by the soot…Unfortunately, that was short-lived as the migraines returned. 

After moving to the coast, my husband and I went on a mission to create a healthier product that we could both handle. We started looking into plant-based waxes after learning that paraffin was made using petroleum.  While I’m not against the use of petroleum, I realized that there is a place for it, and a candle that I was going to burn in my home was not one of them.  We chose to go with soy wax since it put off less soot and burned cleaner.

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The Fragrances

Next was fragrances.  We always used the highest quality fragrance we could find.  That’s why when I found a company that was reformulating its products to make sure they were ‘clean’ we decided to make the jump.  What makes these fragrances clean though? Clean fragrances are made with safe essential oils and are free from Carcinogens, Mutagens, Reproductive Toxins, Organ Toxins, and Acute Toxins.

With these five things gone from our fragrances, I felt better about the products we were creating. Not only was I helping my family to be healthier, but I was able to help others to have the best quality candles and melts in their own home.

Why not essential oils?

So why don’t we just use essential oils you might be wondering? You might have seen other companies use the term “made with essential oils” and they’re correct, many fragrance oils are made with essential oils, but the likelihood of finding candles made solely with essential oils is slim for multiple reasons.  First, I love essential oils, but I have come to understand that when heated, some properties of certain essential oil changes and can become toxic.  Since I’m not an aromatherapist or chemist and don’t understand which ones would be safe and which ones wouldn’t, I leave that to the professionals to create and test. Second, essential oils do not blend with wax well on their own and would need such a large amount that the cost to make them would be prohibitive. That’s not fair to you and makes clean candles unaffordable and risky to the average person.

So, what about 100% natural?

Some of our products carry a different tag, 100% natural. These products are made without any fragrance oils at all. Some use raw product, such as our lavender oatmeal soap bars, which use only lavender petals and rolled oats for fragrance. Others, like the bare bar, contain nothing at all limiting the amount of smell. These products are the absolute cleanest we have, with limited ingredients. Prefect for those who tend to have extreme allergies to most things.

In the end, we live in a world surrounded by so many chemicals that harm our bodies. As a family and a company, we have always worked to create cleaner products, not only for ourselves but for our customers as well.

We hope that you enjoy our products now and in the future.